About Us

Farma Research Animal Health is an independent Contract Research Organization that focuses on veterinary research. We have over 30 years of experience in projects concerning veterinary medicines and feed additives.
Farma Research Animal Health has a thorough knowledge of EU regulations and guidelines.


Our history

Farma Research Animal Health was founded in 2005. It is the former veterinary department of the combined CRO Farma Research (human as well as veterinary projects). From the start, we (as the 2 owners, both veterinarian) decided to focus on animal studies and to collaborate with ABL for bioanalytics. In the beginning, studies concerned mainly residue and kinetic studies in live stock (cattle, swine, poultry). Later on we performed many studies in horses, dogs and cats too. During the last 2 years we performed several studies in ornamental birds (e.g. parrots, canaries, raptors). In compare with 10 years ago, studies are much more complicated and clients need more and comprehensive advice about design, number of animals, etc.


Our Vision

Collaboration enables us to offer high quality services. We focus on our own expertise (animal experiments) and collaborate with regular partners, specialized in other fields.

Farma Research Animal Health BV