Farma Research Animal Health performs studies in major and minor species: dairy cattle, veal calves, swine, horses, sheep, poultry, dogs, cats and ornamentalĀ birds.
Type of studies: residues (tissue, injection site, egg, milk), pharmacokinetic and bio-equivalence, target animal safety (systemic and local tolerance), dose determination and field efficacy studies
Farma Research Animal Health is able to perform studies in all numbers of animals, housed individually, in groups or on multiple farms.

Examples of non-standard studies performed are:

  • Parallel bioequivalence studies in 90 calves or 80 sheep
  • A tissue residue depletion study in 16 healthy milking cows, to be subsequently included, just after calving
  • A 5-months explorative safety/efficacy study in more than 80 healthy milking cows divided over 2 farms.
  • (Reproductive) safety studies with 20 pregnant sows and more than 200 piglets
  • Long lasting safety and residue studies in chickens and pigs (3-6 months)

We advise or assist you in choice of study and study design.


Animal welfare

Farma Research Animal Health has been certified by Dutch Authorities to perform animal experiments.Ā Animal care is conducted conform European Law and Guidelines.
Projects are reviewed by an independent Animal Experimental Committee (ethical committee) and are granted by the Central Authority for Scientific Procedures on Animals (CCD). Prior to start study, each study plan will be evaluated by the Animal Welfare Body of Farma Research Animal Health.
In-life phases are conducted under supervision of an independent Animal Welfare Officer